Low-cal liquid diets

Hey guys, just wanted to do a post about something that really makes my blood boil - 'nutrition companies' that flog low calorie shake 'diet plans'. These people prey on the desperate, this method is completely useless.

I can fully understand why people turn to these companies - because they seem quite good at convincing people that their products work, and the people that buy them seem to be desperate to lose weight. I personally do not see anything good about these companies. There are massive problems with this 'diet' method.

The human body is not actually designed to live on low cal diets (I have seen some as low as 400kcal per day!) These companies promise weight loss because of the low calorie intake, but the problem is the 'weight' that will be lost is a mixture of fat and muscle, and that is NOT what you want. That is why you see people (usually more women than men) who are pretty much anorexic, looking 'ill', because not only has some of their there fat been lost, but a lot of muscle mass too, which gives the 'ill' look. It does not look good, it is not healthy, and it is not the way to go about losing weight.

Also, these companies that provide these 'diets' are not cheap, your much better off using that money and purchase a gym membership and go for a healthy grocery shop every week.

The number one reason why these 'diets' are completely pointless, is that its not sustainable, you can't do it for the rest of your life. I do live by a nutrition rule - 'if you can't do it forever, then don't do it at all'. This simply means if you start a diet (like the low cal shake companies mentioned above) you can never do that forever, and when you stop and start eating whole foods again, you will notice the weight will come back! So all of that money would have been for nothing.

Lastly, I just want to say, these types of companies actually state they have qualified 'nutritionists' working with them. Well, I would very much like to see any nutritional degree/qualification that actively promotes low calorie shake diets, because I do not believe there are any. I have 3 nutrition qualifications and not once has it ever mentioned low calorie diets are the way to go. So, either the companies are lying and they do not employ nutritionists, or the 'nutritionists' that are working with them are completely useless and shouldn't be able to practice nutrition.

Stay away from these con artists! turn to REAL nutrition, and exercise if you want to lose weight!

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