Diet or Exercise?

Diet and exercise are the two main parts to either losing weight, bulking up or sporting performance. Many people think that exercise is the most important, and many other people think diet is most important, but which is actually most important?

I personally think diet, and this is why...

Yes, I am a nutritionist, but that is not why I think diet is best. You can spend as long as you want in the gym, whether your training for fat loss, muscle gain or sporting performance, BUT if you fail to incorporate the correct nutrition, you are not going to achieve the desired results. Why do you think all the top athletes - footballers, cricketers, NFL players, basketball players, bodybuilders and so on, have either, top nutritionists or a great nutrition plan for themselves? - because nutrition is vital. For sports men and women, if you don't have the correct nutrition, your performance will drop at some point - you won't be training effectively and during competition, your performance is not going to be your best - because you are not fueled correctly. For people that want to lose weight, believe it or not, you have to eat to lose weight, but you have to eat correctly - again, nutrition is key.

But! nutrition isn't everything. If you change from eating a really unhealthy diet to a very good, balanced, healthy diet, you will lose weight, but the progress won't be as quick as you like. You can speed that up with exercise. Exercise alone can and cannot lose weight, depending on the individual. Usually, if you have a very poor diet but hit the gym hard, you most likely won't make that much difference - as you're burning a lot of calories, but your also consuming a lot of bad calories.

If you had to pick just one - diet or exercise - pick diet. But ideally you want to do both, that way you will get awesome results!

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