Are you a 'gym rat'?

The phrase 'gym rat' tends to get thrown at anyone who goes to the gym regularly, but that's not really the meaning. 'Gym rats' are known as people that go to the gym a lot! love going there, are always there, will go there instead of doing other things etc etc. Want to know if you are a 'gym rat'? read below

  • A friend rings/texts you and asks where you are, you say 'I'm at home', but your not, your actually at the gym..
  • You sit in school or work, clock watching, just thinking 'ahhh 30 more mins and then I can go the the gym!' when most people are just thinking about getting home and slouching on the sofa watching tv!
  • You know the gym staff well, and many people who go to the gym 
  • You are known by the gym staff and many people who go to the gym
  • You spend your free time (that your not at the gym - i.e. lunch hour) planning out new workouts and diet plans
  • When you get missed calls or you don't respond to friends texts, they know for sure that you're in the gym
  • You're always shuffling social get together's to work around your gym time
  • You don't feel guilty for cancelling on your friends plans
  • You forget other commitments because of your busy gym schedule
  • Your mood depends on if you have worked out that day and if you have, if it was a good workout or not
  • You spend more time at the gym than with your girlfriend/wife

Being a 'gym rat' isn't all bad, but it can turn into an addiction that can annoy your friends and family! 

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