A must have 'tool' if you want to lose weight

You can have a membership at the best gym in the world, you could have the best home gym in the world, you could have the best personal trainer in the world, you could have the best diet in the world, BUT! if you don't have a strong mind, it is all pointless. Your mind is so important when it comes to shedding those pounds. If you cannot change and control your lifestyle, you will never be happy with your weight.

The job of a personal trainer is to motivate you, tell you what exercises to do, correct form etc etc. But that is only when you have a session. They can try and help you out of the gym, but it is down to you, they cannot watch you 24/7 to make sure your not slipping back into your old ways. That is where you have to have a strong mind, to actively change your lifestyle, get rid of the bad old habits, and embrace the new ones. I have said before in posts, if someone doesn't actually want to change their lifestyle - still go out drinking a lot, eating junk food, smoking etc etc, there is very little chance that they will lose any weight at all really.

You have to sit down, think about your body and lifestyle, and if you're not happy with it, then you have to be honest with yourself and give yourself a kick up the butt and change. You may well love the 'clubbing lifestyle', but I can assure you, it doesn't make you 100% happy, and a few years down the line, you will wish you didn't hammer your body the way you did. You can still have a great social life, you can still go out for drinks, but they will be in moderation. When you choose the healthy, fit lifestyle, it will open up a whole new life that you never new existed. There is a saying of 'when you look good, you feel good', and I believe it, who would feel great if they look in the mirror and not like what they see? This is the time to change! You will love yourself for making that first step.

You can pick up a copy of my GET SLIM healthy eating plan for just £10 on my website, it's a great way to get started.


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