THIS is how you get rid of fat!

I'm not surprised that thousands of people out there get confused when it comes to weight loss, because there are hundreds of diets out there, hundreds of fitness trends, and many people are like 'where do I start? what one shall I use?'.

Even though I am only 23, I class myself as 'old school', (especially music - its the best!) but I believe in good old fashioned hardcore training and eating healthy. I don't really buy into all these new high tech 'gismo's' on offer today that promise you will look like Nicole Scherzinger after a few weeks. One guy that is known to be an amazing athlete and in great shape is WWE werestler 'John Cena'. The job he does, requires a ton of strength, power and agility, and he has all 3. He trains in a gym that looks quite.... well.... bare to be honest! But I love it, its back to basics, just the equipment you need, and heck....if its what gave John Cena his physique, then I don't care who you are, it works!

But, there is one key piece of info that you NEED to start believing, and that is - 'In order to lose weight for good, you NEED to change your lifestyle'. If your a regular 'clubber', getting drunk a few times a week, partying, eating whatever you want, then don't expect 1 or 2 gym sessions a week to get you in great shape. Fitness isn't just a 'thing to do', its a lifestyle, and it's the best one out there! It gives you confidence, self esteem, makes you happy about the way you look, makes you feel great and most importantly, is the best thing for your health! Now, that doesn't mean that you won't have a social life, because you will! It will just be a little different. Yes you will still go to bars and clubs, but you won't be drinking so much that you have no idea what actually happened. You will find that the gym is an amazing social environment where you can meet new friends, hang out after a workout and so on. Once you start living the 'fitness lifestyle', you won't turn back to getting 'rat assed', eating tons of junk food, smoking, even drugs, or whatever you used to do! because you just won't miss it!

This may sound bad, but I don't have much time for people that non stop complain about their body, but actively do things that make it worse and do NOT do anything to make it better. If you don't like your body, do something about it, don't just moan, I can't force someone to change can I? its up to them. My time is much better spent on people that don't like the way they look but are WILLING to do what it takes to change. Those are my kind of people! Some people just don't want to give up their apparent 'amazing lifestyle', and that's okay, that is their choice, but I focus on the people that WANT to change, because those I can help. Its pretty impossible to help someone that actually doesn't want to change their diet, exercise regularly, stop the bad habits and so on.

So, take that step today! change your lifestyle! and it will change your life....

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