The difference between YOU and a SAS soldier

If you compare the average person to an elite soldier of the SAS, most people would say things like - 'They are in much better shape', 'they are 'tanked', etc etc. But there is ONE main difference, and this difference can literally transform you and your body.

The training that a soldier of the SAS goes through is pretty much like going to hell and back. People have died in the training process, that's how tough it is! These soldiers are trained to be like machines, to be able to withstand anything, anyone and any situation. The SAS are the guys that the UK turn too when things are really bad, because these guys (nearly all of the time) get the job done. Their are two sides to the training - body and mind, but what is more important? well it certainly isn't the body. Yes these guys are in incredible  shape, strong, athletic and have tremendous endurance. But their mind is what keeps them alive. These soldiers are put into some of the worst conditions you can think of, but that's where they thrive. You know....I see Facebook post and tweets about people 'cant cope' with bad weather etc.... those are the kinds of people that just can't really deal with anything, and that is where they go wrong. The SAS are put through such grueling training that when they are out in battle, their minds work like computers, so when a situation arises, they don't really think about it, they see - react - act. Most people know that being in the army is a very disciplined job, but the SAS is a whole new level, and that's the thing that will help so many people with not only weight loss but also their lives.

Weight loss is about discipline, you have to just get up and get on with it. If you said to someone - 'get up at 6am on a Sunday morning and go to the gym', I'm sure their response will have a few swear words in it...but that is the kind of discipline people need, otherwise it tends to be a half hearted effort. If you look at some of the top fitness athletes, they live a strict life, but its not a crap one, they just love what they do, they love working out. A lot of people these days are lazy to be honest with you, and that's why people don't bother cooking fresh, healthy meals - they will order a takeaway as it's 'easier'.

To really help either your weight loss goals or your muscle building goals, developing a mind similar to a SAS solider's, I can tell you now, you WILL notice a difference, you WILL train hard and you WILL be in amazing shape - both physically and mentally!

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