One thing that helps torch fat + build muscle!

Hi! I just wanted to do a quick post on something that many people actually do not do. There are many styles of training, many diets, a huge variety of fitness equipment etc etc, but if you are not PATIENT, then you will not reach your goals!....

Losing fat and/or building muscle is not a short term goal. There is no way you will be able to burn of 4 stone of fat and build lean muscle in 4 weeks, don't care who you are, it just ain't happening! You have to be patient, and realise that you WILL reach your goals if you don't expect to reach them in the matter of a few weeks. I see nearly everyday some stupid advertisement in the web that claims if you buy their 'product', you will lose x amount of stone and be ripped n such a short time, well this is what people call a load of crap! Your body is a very complex system, and yes it will be able to go from skinny to brawny AND fat to fit, but you have to give it time! Its so common for people to give up after 2 weeks in the gym because they aren't ripped by that time. I have known people to have a go and argue with their trainer because they aren't in the best shape of their life in 4 weeks time, it is NOT the trainers fault. Some trainers are stupid and make outrageous promises to their client, but most don't, because they know it takes time for goals to be reached.

There is only one plan that i have come across that gets amazing results in a relatively short space of time (3 months) and that is 'AthleanX' created by top trainer Jeff Cavalier. But that is still 1/4 of a year....NOT a couple of weeks!

Trust me....if you be patient, workout hard in the gym, eat clean, you will reach your goals. If you expect results in a couple of weeks then your just going to end up giving up, which is pointless!

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