How to get ripped!

Being 'ripped' is one of the most sought after things within fitness. I think it's mainly wanted by guys, but a good percentage of women also want to be 'ripped', and it has been said to be harder for women due to their natural higher BFP (body fat percentage). For those who don't know what ripped is, it simply means a very low body fat percentage and a good amount of muscle tone. 

So, how do you get ripped??

Firstly, it requires a very strict and dedicated diet and fitness plan. You don't want to take in any excess fat, you want to stick to lean protein, lots of vegetables, fruit, complex carbs, and have intense workouts. The diet side is the most important I would say, because you can work out all you like, but if you take in fat, you will kind of be counter acting the training. After all, the old saying of 'abs are made in the kitchen', is true. With workouts, you want to start by doing a lot of intense fat burning exercises, circuit training is amazing for this. I would say stripping the fat and then building the muscle is the best way (but each to their own!) so you want to burn away that excess body fat, and then start hitting the weights. This is NOT easy to do, and it will require a lot of dedication as mentioned. If your going to give yourself a few weeks for this process, then don't even bother starting, it will take longer than that. 

Once you have got a low BFP, toned up, gained some muscle mass, and you look ripped, that's only phase one done! You are going to want to keep looking like that, which means you need to carry on living that lifestyle, being strict with the gym routine and the diet. Many people say maintaining the 'ripped' look is the hardest part. 

If you think your up to the challenge, then go for it! but be prepared to work your ass off! 

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