How to be a better PT

To start with, I am not a PT, but I have been trained by many and have a fair few PT friends. I also have clients that have had some terrible experiences with PT's, so I thought I would do a post for beginner or experienced PT's, on how to be a better trainer! So, from my personal experience and experiences I have heard about, here are some bullet points on how to be a better PT.

  • Personal means PERSONAL,  so make sure you are with your client for the whole session. Unless there is an actual emergancy.
  • Make sure you are always on time. If you are ever late, be sure to apologise, even offer something for being late - a free session, or an extended session if you are free after.
  • Learn! Make sure you are always keeping up with the lates trends, latest exercises. There is nothing more embarrassing than a client asking about a certain exercise or fitness trend and you have no idea what they are talking about.
  • Don't be boring! I have seen many PT's that hardly engage with their clients, only talk when they are changing exercise. Get to know your clients, talk to them, laugh with them, but train hard.
  • Try and 'find' your own style, make yourself unique, don't just follow the crowd.
  • Look the part! make sure your always presented well, not scruffy or dirty. Spend a bit of cash to get some smart but sporty gear.

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