£25 for a healthier you!

There are so many products made by so many brands out there claiming to make you healthier and fitter, but one that seems to be on the 'low' is a blender! Not everyone likes eating fruit and veg, so a blender comes in very handy!

It takes no time at all to chuck some fruit and water in a blender, wizz it up and wahey! a freshly made fruit smoothie packed full of goodness! This is a similar 'process' to having protein shakes. Whats easier - eating a couple of tins of tuna, or drinking a protein shake? the shake! So, whats easier - eating a bunch of fruit, or blending it up and drinking it? its the latter again!

Blending up fruit and veg is a very quick and convenient way to get a load of goodness and healthy calories into your body. As I said, not everyone likes eating fruit, and not everyone (because of their jobs) can go and make a fruit cocktail or something. But with a blender, you can make up a shake in the morning, take it to work and drink it throughout the day. You can pick up frozen packs of fruit that are designed for making smoothies, and they aren't expensive either.

A blender really is a great piece of kit and you can pick up a pretty decent one for around £25. My advice? buy one! buy one and use it every day if you wish! Cheap bit of kit, and having a healthy fruit smoothie or a vegetable juice once a day is so good for your health!

Go buy one!!

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