Why you are NOT losing weight

Becoming stressed because you are not losing weight like you thought you would is unbelievably common. Here are some top reasons why you are not losing weight.

- Not being strict enough

Losing fat is a hard thing to do and requires dedication and  commitment, so if your always snacking and not making wise nutritional  choices, then your not going to lose weight. You have to give 100% all the time. Be careful that you don't become over-strict, as this will make you obsessive which will not help weight loss.

- Drinking your calories

This is very common, as many people don't realise how many calories some drinks have. Alcohol has way more calories than most people think, and Its very easy to drink a lot. On a night out, its not uncommon for people to drink at least 2000 calories just from booze, and this is obviously not going to help you to lose weight. Its the same for non-alcoholic drinks. How easy is it to consume a can of fizzy drink? Very! But these are all calories that your body does not need.

- Constantly weighing yourself

Most people know that stress is not beneficial to anything really, and constantly weighing yourself just causes stress. Stress can swing two ways - losing a lot of weight in a bad way! Or (most commonly) make you gain weight. You want to weigh yourself once a week or once every fortnight.  This way, you will be concentrating on your day to day life and not worrying if you have lost weight since the morning!

- Not exercising enough

Having a healthy diet is important, but weight loss will not be overly quick, and especially not as quick as most people will want it to be with diet alone. To speed things up you should be exercising at least 3 times per week. This will burn a lot of calories and get you fitter, which in turn burns more fat. So, exercise regularly to speed up weight loss.

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