Top 6 weight loss tips!

Here is a quick post laying out my top weight loss tips!

1) Cut out the junk foods! - no more takeaway's, sweets, chocolate, processed foods

2) Get moving! - get a gym membership or if your on a budget, go for runs/bike rides and home circuits

3) Drink more water! - keeping hydrated is important

4) Eat a higher protein diet! - protein fills you up, which will make you eat less

5) Lots of fruit and veg! - fruit and veg are so good for you and they don't contain tons of calories, just good calories!

6) Ditch the booze! - alcohol has 7 calories per g, which is nearly as much as fat! Just think how easy it is to drink a fair amount of alcohol on a night out... Get rid of it!

These 6 tips will make a huge difference and start shedding those pounds!

Good luck!

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