The Rock and steroids ?

Over the last couple of years, Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson has been accused of using steroids and other illegal muscle enhancing drugs from pretty much every angle. I honestly do not know where these people get their 'facts' from.

Dwayne Johnson has been an athlete nearly all of his life, starting out in american football, then going into wrestling. He has trained for strength, speed, power and agility nearly all of his active career. The career he has had, has demanded him to be in the best shape, and he was known as one of the hardest trainers in the business. Dwayne is loaded, he has access to the best diet, all the gym equipment he wants, the best supplements, so of course he is going to be in the best shape. But one thing that he has more than many athletes, is the self motivation, the drive, the willingness to push himself to the max.

I personally do not know Dwayne Johnson, neither does 99.9% of the people who have accused him of illegal drug abuse, so how can they accuse him? I honestly think it is pure jealousy, that a guy who has hit his 40's is in way better shape than 20 something year olds who train a lot.

He is a great athlete and he trains harder than most people, that is why he is in amazing shape. Haters are gonna hate, but they are just pathetic and jealous, many people love him, and I admire him as an athlete.

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