Thank You

This is most likely way too late, but there are a few people that I want to thank, because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have achieved what I did in cricket.

I started my cricket career at a club called Bentley CC. It was a great place to play, friendly people, good coached, very enthusiastic players. I played there for about 8 years I would say, progressing from the under age teams through to the adults teams. But there are two men in particular that I want to say thank you too. These two guys are - Nick Hammond and Martin Larrett. Nick ran the club (and I think still does) and Martin was the coach for the under age groups. I started off under Martin's 'control' in the under age groups. He quickly saw talent in me, and pushed me hard to get the best out of me. Sometimes he was what some might call 'harsh', but it was for the best, and it did get the best out of me. He also gave me freedom to play how I played - freely and natural. He rarely criticised me if i made a mistake playing my natural game as that is what he loved. I honestly believe I wouldn't have progressed the way I did if it wasn't for him taking me 'under his wing' at a young age.

I then moved up the age groups and was coached by Nick Hammond. He was similar to Martin, in the way that he let me play the way I played. He always gave me the same freedom, but was also 'harsh' sometimes, but was all for my benefit. I'll admit, sometimes I hated the 'harsh treatment' from both Martin and Nick, but it worked, and it was needed. I always felt that Martin and Nick 'had my back' and wanted the best for me. It was down to them that i got my first Essex trial which I got through and went on to a fantastic 'career' at Essex.

This moves me onto a guy, a very special guy to me, called Pete Williams. I first met Pete when i started training at Essex, and he coached me for about 5/6 years I think. He unfortunately had to put up with my teenage 'tantrums' (sorry Pete!) but he was such a fantastic coach. He was so knowledgeable about both bowling and batting, and much of his 'wisdom' brushed off onto me.

The next person I would like to thank is my old bowling coach, Ian Pont. I met Ian when I was playing at Essex, and he was responsible for pushing my name forward to train with the Essex 1st team. He saw a lot of potential in me and he brought out the best. However, looking back now, I really do feel that I never fully showed my true talent, which is annoying but i'll have to live with that. Ian was the guy who took my bowling up a few levels where I was able to bowl well at professional cricketers, both county and international, and quite a lot of the time, bowled very well against them. Huge thanks to Ian.

Lastly, my thanks goes out to ex Essex and Zimbabwe cricketer, Grant Flower. When I played at Essex and trained with the 1st team, I met Grant and we got on well. He was always happy to work with me on batting but also bowling. There were times where he needed a batsman to bowl at, so I always offered. He worked with me a lot, improving many area's of my batting which I felt, made me a much better batsman. He also introduced me to his Brother, Andy, who worked with me in the nets sometimes and also took me to the gym on a few occasions.

I would just like to thank the whole of the Essex CCC staff and players who were there when I played. It was such a great place to play and train.

I represented the District team, Essex from 13-19, the Essex 2nd team and was 12th man on a number of occasions for the Essex 1st team.

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