Pre- workout nutrition

Just a quick one!

To me, there are two kinds of 'gym-goers' - the people that give fitness a half hearted attempt or go there to chat with friends, and then you have the real fitness fanatics. Now, the people that go to the gym and pretty much do nothing but chat or use the jacuzzi, there is no point in reading this post. However, to the people that love working out, love training, then have a read!

Nutrition is a HUGE part of getting into great shape, and a common thing I get asked is - 'What can I take to get a better workout?'

There are a few common ways of enabling you to get a better workout. With most people, your energy stores are more likely to deplete before you actually feel shattered. I have been in gyms with guys that have had to cut a workout short, because they just haven't got that energy, even though they said things such as 'I feel like I can lift more weights though, I feel fine!'. This may sound a bit strange - have no energy in muscles but feel fine'. Your right, it does sound strange, but it happens, and this is where pre-workout nutrition comes into action. There are products such as creatine, caffeine supplements or just good old carbs to help you power through a good workout. You pretty much need to ensure you have enough energy and back up energy. As weight lifting is hard on your muscles, you need to have enough energy to make sure you can replenish those energy stores to enable you to keep lifting those weights. This is why it is never a good idea to workout on an empty stomach, because your body needs fuel to have a good workout. Some other methods are - having a protein shake/protein and carb shake/protein and carb meal, before a workout. This is so you get some carbs in to fuel their workout and then protein in their system to get repairing as you break your muscles down with weights.

Hope this helps!

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