Post-workout nutrition

Following on from my pre-workout nutrition post, I thought it would be good to add in some info about post-workout nutrition.

Now, you have just finished a hard workout in the gym, now what? Its time to start repairing your muscles!

After a hard weights session, your muscles are in a state of breakdown, so they require repairing and growing bigger and stronger. Everyone knows that protein builds muscle, but that's not all you need. A combination of protein, carbs and just a tad of sugar is a great post workout combination. The protein will start repairing your muscles, the carbs will re-stock your energy stores, and the sugar will go straight into the muscles as they are craving for 'direct energy'. This is the only time where I would say sugar is beneficial. I have read it in many articles, including ones on '', where trainers/nutritionists have stated that sugar is okay post workout. You will find many shakes have a bit of sugar in them.

There is no point in having a hard workout in the gym, coming out feeling like you have just lifted the building, and then doing nothing. Building muscle starts in the gym by lifting weights, but it is VITAL to have good nutrition in order to get the body you want.

Supplements are one thing, but nothing beats healthy nutrition through fresh food. Supplements are called that for a reason - to supplement your nutrition, NOT to replace it. So make sure you get the bulk of your nutrition through foods - lean meats, complex carbs, fruit and veg. Don't just rely on shakes!

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