My view - How to help bullying

I did a post on bulling a while back that ended up being extremely popular, but now I want to share with you my opinion on how to help it.

I think the one thing that bullies and bullying victims have in common, is a lack of self confidence. Why do I think this? Well, when I was at school, I saw bullies and I saw victims, and both kind of showed a lack of 'something', and then I realised it was confidence. The victims were usually people that the bullies knew wouldn't stand up for themselves or have a go back, so the bullies though 'easy targets'. But I also saw that the bullies did it, usually, for attention and to make themselves 'feel better'. As I mentioned in my post a while back, I was a victim like a lot of people, and I knew for a fact I lacked confidence. I knew friends that got bullied, and they lacked confidence. Unfortunately I did know (wasn't friends with them) bullies, and guess what.....they lacked confidence. I always noticed that when the bullies were one on one with someone who wasn't exactly in their 'usual circle of friends', they never bullied them, but as soon as the bullies friends came along....the bullying and mocking started. If someone is happy with their life, happy with their self as an individual, they have no reason to bully someone. So, that's my personal opinion on that, so now here are my ideas on how to help.

One thing that I know can very much help, or even transform someones confidence and self esteem, is health and fitness. I used to play Cricket for Essex CCC, always training, playing matches and being in the gym. But, because I was amongst some very good players, and some great players (the pro's), I never felt good enough, I found myself lacking that self confidence that I very much needed. Because of the lack of that, I never pushed as hard as I should have, which in turn would have helped my confidence.
So, I think by incorporating some kind of health/fitness/nutrition as well as sports into schools (more than there is now), that can boost children's confidence levels, and also give them a new hobby. Now, not everyone will go for it, but I definitely think 'victims' would give it a try. Anyone who exercises regularly will know this - working out releases endorphin's (a feel good hormone), so that itself will help people feel better, more confident. I have a friend (won't name) who got bullied, always felt like he hit rock bottom, and started to believe what the bullies used to say. He did actually get into a sport and into the gym, and here's the great part. By working out, playing sport, he built his confidence so high that he no longer cared what bullies said to him, because he knew it was not true and that confidence almost acted like an 'anti-virus' program - just blocked it out. This was great!! I'm not saying that teens should pump iron all day! weights has a minimum age, but general exercise and sports is what I mean - weights can come in at college/uni (where bullying still happens) I know what you may be thinking, what about physical assaults as well as just mocking and ridiculing. Well, this is where my second idea comes into play.

At the moment, there aren't really any major consequences for bullies, so they carry on. But, if they knew that there actions had severe consequences, I personally think they would stop. My idea is to bring in a system that 'bullying actions' go on your record, which in turn can affect you getting into uni's, go against you when finding a job and so on. If bullies knew that their actions will go against them and stay 'on record', which could seriously affect things they want to do in life, why would they carry on? they wouldn't.

There has to be a system in place which punishes their actions, not just having a 'telling off' from a teacher, because they don't care about that - they actually find it funny.

I will leave it there, don't want my post to go on forever! Thank you for reading.

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