Lose weight and KEEP IT OFF

I have decided to do this post as many people have the problem of keeping weight off after losing some. The main thing about keeping weight off is the word - 'lifestyle'.

It can be hard to change or keep a certain lifestyle to keep the weight off, here is an example. The TV show 'The Biggest Loser' is a great way to see how hard it can be. The 'contestants' are in a controlled environment where they don't have their usual 'day to day' activities such as work, so in a way, it is easier for them. A lot of the contestants I have read about after the show has finished, have actually put the weight back on, which is a shame, but it is understandable. They go from that 'controlled environment' back home where they have to go to work everyday, maybe they have kids to look after and so on, and they lose grip with the healthy lifestyle.

So, how to actually keep that weight off? its all about discipline and lifestyle.

If you have a personal trainer and nutritionist for a year and lose all the fat you want and tone up, most of you will likely stop paying for their services and carry on on your own, which is okay. The problem is - keeping that determination, focus and discipline to keep doing things without the help and motivation from trainers/nutritionists. After  that time with your trainer and nutritionist, you will soon be in a set routine of making healthy meals, exercises regularly, saying no to the junk food etc, and that's what you want! Keep focused, stay determined, stay motivated and you WILL keep the weight off, FOR GOOD!

To keep your weight off, you need to KEEP the lifestyle of going to the gym regularly and eating healthy. If you start to slip, you will start to gain the weight back, and all that money spent on gym memberships, personal trainers and nutritionists would have been a waste. The lifestyle that seems to be common these days, unfortunately is going out clubbing, partying, drinking most days of the week, and this is NOT the one to have, it will just slowly destroy your body. You think doing all of that will attract the opposite sex? make your life better? make you happy? no! Most people who are 'addicted' to that lifestyle do it because of problems they are facing or going through a rough time, so drinking and partying takes their mind off it. What will be better is to get into fitness! Its THE best 'high' you can get that is good for you, so don't get drawn into that binge drinking lifestyle. Being fit, healthy, in great shape, looking good, feeling good is the way to go!

Hope this helps!

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