Junk food, booze and weight loss

A fairly high percentage of people who come to me for a nutrition plan, know and accept that they will have to cut out the 'bad foods' in order to lose weight. However, I do still get some people ask questions like - 'can i still get drunk?' , 'can I still have my takeaway's?'

People that want to get in shape, to look better and to lead a healthier lifestyle, are willing to give up 'the crap', but some people seem to be really stubborn about it. I will lay it out in simple terms.

If you want to lose weight, tone up (especially for the up coming 'summer') then you are going to have to ditch the booze, the fast food, the sweets and other treats. Those foods are nothing but bad news when it comes to getting into shape, so why bother eating them? let alone paying for them! The thing is, when it comes to fat, the body stores it farrrrrr easier than it is to burn it off, so help yourself out from the start, and don't eat it.

The only way I allow these kinds of foods to enter a diet, is once per week, and that's one MEAL per week, not a whole day! Say if its a Friday or Saturday night, and your having your friends over for a movie night, poker night or watching the big game. Having a pizza and a few beers will be relaxing and would be classed as your 'cheat meal'. Doing this every night will NOT help you lose weight in any way. However, if you do have this 'cheat method', I do advise going to the gym the next day, otherwise you may feel bad for having stuffed a pizza!

So, in my eyes, if you want to lose weight, tone up/bulk up, get in shape, then just ditch the above foods, at least for a while to get yourself well on your way to your new body. I honestly believe once you get into the whole 'healthy lifestyle', you won't want to go back to burgers, chips, pizza's and tons of booze!

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