Is exercise addiction good or bad?

This is actually a fairly common topic. So many people that get into the health and fitness lifestyle are soon to admit that it can become addictive. But is exercise addiction good for you?

There are many bad addictions out there - smoking, drinking, drugs etc, so compared to those, exercise addiction is a good thing. But taking exercises away from those bad addictions, I personally don't think its a great thing, and here's why.

I have known people to have relationships and friendships ruined because of exercise, sounds strange doesn't it? Because fitness can become addictive, a lot of people tend to go too far, spending so much money on equipment, supplements, gym memberships. They also ditch their friends and loved ones to go to the gym, bodybuilding expeditions, a long bike ride/run and so on. These are some of the bad effects of exercise addiction that can affect people's personal lives. Other effects are things such as injuries and over training. I personally know of a lady that has joint problems and easily gets injured because she has been addicted to exercise for years, this just is not good and is past 'healthy'.

With the money side of things, it can soon start to rack up big bills. You get guys that are so addicted to lifting weights and getting bigger, that they are easily spending £100 a week on just supplements. Add that to their grocery shopping bill that i'm not even going to put a figure on because that bill can be huge! Imagine if you were in a relationship, and you personally are spending a fortune on supplements, gym memberships, clothing, muscle building foods, and then you buy your partner a small little present? They won't be impressed!

So, overall, I personally don't think exercise addiction is a good thing. Become fit and healthy and enjoying that lifestyle is THE BEST, but becoming addicted and have it take over your life is too much. Life is much more than that. Just remember, people who become addicted to anything end up being extremely selfish.

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