How fitness can help your career

Being fit and healthy can benefit many things in life - prevent various types of cancers and diseases, reduce your chance of injury, reduce your chance of getting ill, can boost self confidence and so on. But one thing that I never seem to read that fitness can help, is your career. BUT it really can, here's how...

I know many people in different careers, ranging from banking to personal training, and I have yet to find a job that fitness can't help, even a little. Lets take the banking industry for example. Your in an office most of the day, dressed in a smart suit, so how can fitness help?? Well, not everyone will know, but the banking industry is extremely cut throat and requires a strong personality to not only stand out but to progress. Its simple things like, standing tall, holding your ground, being a strong character etc, that you need to be good at your job. By turning to fitness, getting into shape, this will give you that confidence, that 'edge' that you need to stand out in the crowd. I did know a guy that worked for a bank, and he was your typical, fast food eater, alcohol drinker, but then thought 'sod this, I'm gonna do something about it!'. He got in the gym, changed his diet completely and got into great shape. He then noticed that people looked at him differently, talked to him differently, but most of all, respected him.

I do mention him a lot in tweets and posts, but if you look at Dwayne Johnson and how he comes across. Yes he is 6ft4, which is an imposing height as it is, but he weighs around 260lbs and is built like a tank! Next time you see him on tv or in a movie, look at how he walks, the confidence he has, its insane! and that's because of fitness. Being in great shape gave him the confidence he needed when he was a wrestler and now as an actor.

Another area of work that fitness can help, is interviews. Imagine you were an employer and someone came in for an interview, in shape, held their self well, confident, you have to be impressed! People who are fit and healthy are not lazy people, they work hard at their health and physique, so they aren't likely to be lazy at work. This can be a huge 'tick' in the interview process before your 'cv' even comes into it.

This is just another benefit of being healthy and fit.

Hope this helps!

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