Gym bag essentials

I often get asked what's the best equipment/clothes/trainers etc, so I thought I would do a quick post on what I would call 'gym bag essentials'.

- A good sized gym bag (dur!)
- A good, comfortable pair of running trainers (Adidas/Asics are great)
- Guys tops - either a breathable t-shirt or tank top
- Women's tops - Breathable t-shirt/tank top and a sports bra is best
- Guys shorts - personal preference on length and fit
- Women's shorts - most common are slim fit 3/4 trousers or slim firt shorts
- Padded ankle socks
- A lightweight watch
- mp3 player
- Absorbent gym towel
- Bath towel/body wash/deodorant
- Change of clothes
- Post gym snack (could be a protein shake/bar, banana, or even a pre-cooked meal)
- Big bottle of water

Hope this helps!

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