Fitness and relationships

Okay, I know what your thinking - 'He's not a relationship guru?', and you would be right, but this is just another benefit of the health and fitness lifestyle!

In relationships, things can go two ways - you both love the same things, or you both love different things. If your a couple that loves the same TV shows, love the same restaurants, love the same hobbies/sports and so on, then i think you should still carry on reading. However there are some couples need some things to do together, and This is where fitness could help!

By bringing a healthy lifestyle into your relationship  it could help you to become a closer couple. There are plenty of fitness related things that you can do together. Some of these include - cooking together, grocery shopping together, going to the gym, going for walks, bike rides, runs, hiking, playing sports and so on. These are things that are not that expensive to do and they are great ways to spend some quality time with your partner. The the problem with the common things to do as a couple like going out for a meal, going to the cinema etc, is they can become very repetitive over time. But with the things I mentioned above, they aren't boring, and they work amazingly well at bringing you closer, and that's what relationships are about - spending quality time with the one you love, enjoying life together. You don't want to just stand still, doing the norm, you want to get out there, trying new things, but most importantly - living a healthy lifestyle, because that means you will live a healthier life and a longer life - more time with your loved one!

I hope you liked this post, it is something different to what I usually write about, but hey.... my blog tag line does include 'Lifestyle'!

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