Blackberry Z10 review

So its been around a couple of months of owning my Blackberry Z10, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed, and here's why.

I have used many phones, both smart and non smartphones, ranging from Nokia, Samsung, blackberry, Sony and more. Out of all the smartphones I have used, none have been as functional as the Z10.

The Z10 has some great features, including remember, hub, peak, flow, time shift, bbm video, the all new amazing keyboard and more. One of my favourite features has to be the hub. The hub is where you have all of your accounts in one place, where you simply have to slide the screen to the left and there it Is. Here is where I can access my Facebook, Twitter, work and personal email, bbm, Linkedin and calls. I used to own a Samsung galaxy s3, and I used to have to go into individual apps, come out of them to go into another, whereas with the Z10 I simply swipe to the left, can go I to Facebook, reply to a message, swipe back and then check my emails. The even better thing about this, is its all within the hub, not actually going I to individual apps. This is so handy when I have to juggle work emails, business emails, twitter interactions and Facebook messages.

Another feature I want to talk about is Blackberry remember. This app is not only a notepad, but a check list. Here is where I make all of my lists for work and my personal life. It can also be integrated with the calender as well. I have used other 'list apps' but this is by far the best.

The speed of the software is very impressive, the sliding between pages is very smooth too. Previous Blackberry's were known to freeze and have the good old timer on screen. Not with the Z10! I have not experienced any freezing at all, its just been smooth sailing.

At the moment, the only downside I see is the app store. It is not as big as the android or apple store, but it has got a lot of the main apps already. I think Blackberry 10 will become more popular and that will draw the attention from more and more app developers.

Overall, I personally believe the Blackberry Z10 is a great phone with amazing features, some of which are non existent on other smartphones.

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