bbq's and losing weight

The summer seems to be finally arriving in the UK, so its time to clean off those bbq's and get grillin! But are bbq's healthy?

 A summer bbq doesn't tend to be healthy, because its common buy cheaper burgers and sausages that come with s very high fat and saturated fat percentage, which is not good! So how can a bbq be made healthier? As having a bbq is not a daily thing, try and buy good quality meats, which will have a higher protein percentage and a lower level of fat and saturated fat. With white meat such as chicken, trim off any excess fat, this will make it leaner. Try adding different things to the barbie such as prawns and other fish, as seafood is very good for you. With the marinades,  choose low fat options, no full fat creams or anything, as you can still have a tasty marinade without it being fatty.

Another top tip is to make up a big bowl of salad, potato salad is great for the summer. This will help as it will be on show so your more likely going to eat it. Also, you do need something other than meat to eat, otherwise you will feel bloated.

Hope these tips help, and have a great bbq!

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