A unique weight loss method

If you Google 'how to lose weight', you will be bombarded with exercises and nutrition methods, but here is a unique way that can help you to get in shape that you don't tend to find on Google searches for weight loss.

When I was playing for Essex County cricket Club, the one thing that really helped me was having a role model, and that was a guy called Brett Lee. By having a role model, I was able to attempt to copy what he did, both on and off the field. That can be the same for getting into shape. Losing fat and building muscle is a hard thing to do, so by having someone that you would love to be like, someone who you admire, can really help. There are many male celebrities/athletes out there that guys look up to. These include - Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson, Jason Statham, Reggie Bush, Vin Diesel and so on. I personally look up to Dwayne Johnson; he is an incredible athlete, takes his training very seriously and it all pays off.

Some guys may think it is a bit 'gay' to idolise men, but what else should you do? Want to be like women? No. I personally know some guys that store pictures of their idol on there phone/mp3 player, so when they are working out, they can have a quick look at what they want to look like, which motivates them even more. I think this is a great, free way of motivating yourself.

Hope this helps.

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