Why trust what i say?

I have decided to do a quick post, to tell you why you can trust me with what i say in my posts.

I have always been active, from when i was a little boy. I got into the sport of Cricket at the age of 7. I joined a local club, and then realised that i had potential. I kept progressing, and then got into the District team and then into Essex. I worked my socks off, kept improving, kept performing, but i realised i needed more. At the age of 14/15 i got myself a nutritionist, and she was fantastic. By sorting my nutrition out, i noticed a great benefit within my game. At the same time i started with gym (well, at around the age of 15/16). I trained with great trainers and also professional cricketers from Essex CCC. I observed what they done, i listened to the trainers, i listened to my nutritionist, and i learned, a lot!

I completely fell into the amazing nutrition trap. I call it a trap because i believe once you get into it, you wont be able to stop, because its a great addiction. I started getting into cooking, experimenting with foods, cooking recipes i found in magazines. I went to Chelmsford College and completed a sport science qualification, which contained a nutrition module. I loved that lesson. I then furthered my education on nutrition by completing 3 more nutrition qualifications outside of college. I am qualified in both nutrition and weight management and nutrition for sporting performance.

So as you can see, i have always been involved in sport, gym, nutrition, and have then gone into the nutrition and fitness industry. My style is - no lies, no beating round the bush. I tell it how it is, i tell you what you need to know. I don't confuse clients, i don't complicate things. I believe the best way to get results is to keep things simple.

Thank you for your support!

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