Weight loss tips for busy mums!

One of the hardest situations to be in when you want to lose weight is to be a mum! Being a mum is a full time job, especially if you are a single mum. But it is also hard even if you are married or with a partner, particularly if you have stopped working to bring up your little one. So I have decided to do this post, to give you busy mums a few tips so you can still lose weight/stay in shape whilst being a hectic mother!

1) Plan!
I think this is the most common ‘mistake’ that busy mums do. If you don’t plan ahead, plan your meals, your days, your activities with the little one, then you’re going to be in trouble. You need to be able to know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. If you know you are going to the park with your child, take a cool bag with some fruit, water, yogurts, nuts etc, so when you feel peckish, you have ONLY healthy foods available to you. Plan your meals so you don’t end up saying things such as ‘ah lets go to McDonald's ’ as that is a big no no!

2) Bring the mums together! Being a mother, it’s very common to know other mums, so why not get them together and have fitness days? There is a bit of a trend these days for mums to get together, go for walks with their children (having a good old gossip as well of course!). Even when the children are with your parents or their dads, it’s still great to get the mums together and go for a walk. This is great for socialising, relaxing and getting exercise in at the same time.

3) Be a teacher! If you want to have your child grow up fit and healthy, then you need to show them how to do that. Young children usually copy what their parent’s do, which can be good and bad. Unfortunately I have come across parents that are overweight and they have overweight children, this is quite common. If you, as a single parent, or parents, bring health and fitness into your child’s life, then they will grow up to copy that. So, by preparing healthy meals, going for walks, playing over the park, getting good exercise in, they will learn that, they will grow up to do that. By wanting your child to be fit and healthy, you will also do the same. Be a good role model! Be a teacher!

4) Time management I know that being a parent is a full time job, but there are times during the day where you will have some time to yourself. When your child/children are out of the house, or asleep at home, use this time for a quick workout. There are many good home circuits out there that involve moves such as – press ups, sit ups, squats, planks, step ups etc, that are great for burning calories in your spare time. 

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