The Core 150!

Usually i get asked about things like supplements, exercises,  how to get a 6 pack etc etc etc. But i do sometimes get asked about the smaller things, such as shakers.

There are many shakers on the market today, all claiming to be great, but there is one that stands out for me. The 150 comes with a large capacity that holds 1 liter of liquid and has three storage compartments that come as one unit. Each compartment holds 50g of whatever you want to hold, which is amazing if you are on the go. Everyday I see at least 50 posts on twitter about this shaker, is it HUGELY popular, and i am not surprised.

It is such a convenient shaker, made well, feels solid and it looks amazing. It comes in a range of colors, my personal favorite is green, just looks great! I highly recommend this product, I personally think it is THE best shaker on the market today.

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