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I recently received a few cartons of pomegranate juice from a company called PomeGreat to review and share the news on how great pomegranate juice is for a healthy living lifestyle. Pom juice has been linked to weight loss for a number of years now. I have read many articles on it, and it seems to help on the breakdown of fatty tissue. But apart from that, pom juice has other great benefits.

These are:

·         Healthy skin/anti aging
·         Helps with reducing stress
·         Helps with increasing levels of testosterone
·         Can increase energy
·         Helps to lower bad cholesterol
·         Can help fight different forms of cancer (Breast, lung, prostate)
·         Helps to lower blood pressure

They are some of the benefits I have personally come across when researching pomegranate juice. I’m not saying that if you start drinking it, you will automatically fix of any of the above, but they are results of studies performed by nutritionist and scientists.

I personally think pomegranate juice is a great addition into an already healthy diet. The benefits are great and also, it tastes fantastic! Which brings me onto this product.

I have drank a fair few brands of pom juice, and some have been so sweet I haven’t been able to finish them, and I thought that PomeGreat was going to be the same. I was wrong. I first drank this juice and it wasn’t too sweet, but also wasn’t too watered down. It was a very refreshing drink that I easily finished. The packaging was attractive and it clearly marked the nutritional information, which I compared to other brands and they are all fairly similar. To be honest with you, when drinking a juice like this, it also gives you a ‘mental boost’, as it looks really healthy! So you think to yourself, ‘I’m drinking a healthy drink here, and it tastes great!’

I highly recommend this product, and they are stocked in a variety of stores including Waitrose, Asda, Ocado, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Visit their website – www.pomegreat.com
Follow them on twitter - @PomeGreat

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