How to get more motivation

Motivation is something that can really affect your workouts. In order to have the best possible workout, you have to really want it, to push through to the end. There some ways that people achieve this. The most common has to be music. When you step into your local gym, how many people have headphones on? Most people I bet. The most common music to listen to whilst lifting weights has got to be ones that have a good beat. I personally listen to music like Nickelback/30 seconds to mars, as I find the voices, the beats, ‘pump me up’ for my workouts. When you’re doing circuit training, it’s common to listen to high tempo songs such as Flo Rida.

Music is one way to motivate you, but there are other ways. I know people who have a picture folder on their phone/iPod/computer of images of celebrities, fitness models, athletes that they want to look like. This is a great visualisation method, as you can see someone’s results they have got from working out hard, so you know it’s possible. Weight trainers are people that really need to be ‘up for it’ as it takes concentration and a lot of effort. I do know some weight trainers that look at pictures of people that they dislike, or draw upon past events that make them angry. That is a bit of a unique way, but hey! It works for them!

One more way I will share with you, is....yourself! You must have your own personal goals – getting bigger/stronger? Fitter? Slimmer? Well, have a weekly weigh in, look at yourself in the mirror once a week, if you’re not seeing progress, train harder! You are the one with the goals, if you’re not seeing results; you have to do something about it. If you’re training too hard, that can have an effect, you can always go see a trainer and ask why you’re not seeing results.  

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