Group Training

There are many methods of training out there, from 1 on 1, classes, sports, on your own, group training and so on. Unless you are an extremely self motivated individual, you may find training on your own is either boring or you find yourself never pushing your body to the limit., If this is you, then I recommend you try group training.

Group training is great; you can get a bunch of your friends together, and either train together or get a personal trainer to do a group session for you. By doing this, you’re not only hanging out with your friends, but your training and burning calories at the same time. I would recommend getting a trainer for your group though, as this will avoid the gym sessions turning into an hour of gossip!

Not all trainers do this, but the ones that do will give you a good reasonable price and all of you chip in! Done!

This can also bring friends closer together, or you may find yourself asking other people to come along in which you are making new friends! I believe people train so much better when they are in an environment that they like. Not everyone responds well to the ‘train hard or go home’ method, so this is a great way to get people to work out hard but also have a nice time with their friends. This is also great for ‘team building’.

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