Fight back against cellulite!

This is just a quick post, another one for the ladies! 

Women HATE cellulite. I'm sure you have read those gossip magazines and seen pictures of celebrities with cellulite, and you think 'omg! she has cellulite! how?'. Well, cellulite can happen to ANYONE, but the good news is, it can be helped! Below are some exercises and a workout that have been known to help get rid of cellulite, or at least reduce it. 

Here are 4 exercises that help fight cellulite, and one quick intense workout!

3) Standing calf raise –
4) Side step with bend –

This routine is performed on an exercise bike, so if you have one at home, then you can do this in your free time, otherwise, take it to the gym!
- 3-5 minutes warm up, low intensity
- A 20 second burst of high intensity
- 45 seconds rest at moderate intensity
- Repeat intervals of 20 second bursts with 45 seconds recovery for a total of 8 times
- 3-5 minute cool down

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