I have decided to do a post on bullying to get my views across.

Why am i doing a post on bullying when I usually write posts on weight loss? because people can get bullied for being overweight.

I have recently watched 'Jodie Marsh Bullied', and some of the scenes were extremely emotional and utterly disgraceful. Seeing a young man in a wheelchair after an attack from a bully, seeing an interview with parents of a young boy who sadly took his own life after constant bullying, just because he had a lot of girl friends. Schools in America do seem to do more than schools in the UK. I was at Brentwood County High School, and I know for a fact that there was a lot of bullying at that school, and the school did nothing about it. I was a victim of bullying, not that much, but that's the point, it does not matter if its a tiny bit or a lot, bullying is wrong.

I know there is banter at school, and that is the 'excuse' that everyone uses - 'ohh its just banter'. Sometimes, yes, that is true, but a lot of the time its not just banter, its bullying. Bullies 'prey' on the weak, they never target someone who is stronger than them. So if you have a 14-16 year old boy being a bully, and there is a 30 year old male teacher, why doesn't the teacher take control? why don't they in force a system that punishes bullies? No I'm not talking about a teacher turning into the bully and bullying the young boy. I'm talking about a system, something in place to counter act bullies.

Every time a bully commits a bullying act, they should have that recorded on their school record. If it continues, then it should be transferred to a criminal record. This way the bully will have to pay for his/her actions, it could affect him/her getting a certain job, getting into college/uni, and that is what they deserve! If it still continues, it should go to court, having to pay out damages and a restraining order. These things NEED to be done! Please show your support for anti bullying!!

Please follow @JodieMarsh because she is doing an incredible thing!!

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