One of the best classes - Spinning!

I often get asked - what are the best classes to do? what are the best ones for weight loss? One class that i always recommend people and my clients is spinning. I'm a big fan of spinning (even though its hard!) as it pushes you to your limit. But don't worry, its safe to do! just make sure you go to a class that is taught by a qualified instructor.

For those who don't know what spinning is or know very little about it, i'll explain. Spin classes are cardio sessions that use the spin bike. Spin bikes are different to the everyday exercise bike that you can purchase about about £100. They mimic a real bike by having a more advanced flywheel, which gives you the feeling of being on a real bike on the road/cross country. Classes using spin bikes are hard work but burn a ton of calories! And will feel it the next day!

The best thing with a spin bike is you can go 'up and down' on the seat. Just like you see people on a bike in the streets, when they often are off of the seat, you can do this on the spin bike. By constantly changing from sitting on the seat, and raising yourself up, this hits more muscles, and is a lot harder, therefore burning a lot of calories! (the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn!)

I would definitely recommend taking a large water bottle/energy drink to your spin class, as you will lose a fair bit of fluid through sweating. The instructor will often give you a few moments on a regular basis to take some fluid on board!

Good luck!

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