How to REALLY get a 6-pack!

I think the abdominals are the most talked about part of the body. Whether its women who want a flat stomach, with some tone, or a guy wanting a cut 6-pack, the abs are the most sought after and hardest part to get right.

So many people, still to this day, think they have to do tons of crunches and sit ups to get washboard abs. That is just wrong. The way to get abs worthy of a magazine cover model, you have to reduce your body fat percentage. You can train your abs all you want, but if you have fat covering them, how can anyone see them? Believe it or not, sit ups are not actually the best way to get great abs, there are a ton of exercises out there that are better. The best way to get great looking abs, is to actually use them in your training. A lot of people think squats are one of the best ab building exercises, as your body relies on your core so much during that movement. Exercises using cables, free weights, leg raises, and so many more, are all great at building up those abs.

But how do you reduce body fat? Well, that brings us back to good old cardio training! In my previous post, I spoke about spin classes, and that is one of the best ways to burn calories and fat. High intensity training is the way to go. By working your body hard, keeping your heart rate up, pushing your body to the limit, you will burn the most fat. Exercises such as spin classes, high intensity circuit training, rowing machine, treadmill, are all great at burning fat.

Don’t waste your time doing 100 sit ups a day and expecting a 6-pack to pop up, because if you have fat covering your abs, doesn't matter how many sit ups you do, you won’t have a 6-pack. So, get rid of the fat, train your abs, and that is how you get that 6-pack!

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