How to 'cure' a hangover

To start with, there is no 'cure' for a hangover, there is not just one thing you can do that will take it away, but there are things to speed up the recovery. Anyone that has gone out for the night, drank too much, will know how bad you feel when you wake up - head spinning, feeling sick, feeling like your 'dying'.

To your body, alcohol is poison. So if you have eaten before going out, that food will get 'left' as your body will rush to process the alcohol, to clear it out of your system asap. This means that any food you eat, whether its pizza, burgers, chips, or even a healthy meal, any fat in those foods will get stored on your body as your body will think of it as - 'the food is not harmful, but the alcohol is, get rid of it!!'. That is the same for the 'post clubbing burger and chips', it will just get stored as fat as your body is still busy processing the alcohol.

When you wake up, your body is craving good food (not a greasy fry up! that's just what YOU want, not your body) and water! So you want to spend the day giving your body nothing but 'goodness'. From the moment you wake up, you want to drink plenty of water. This will help to flush out the alcohol from the night before. I would recommend to eat a breakfast based on eggs. Eggs have a good protein 'kick', and combine them with some wholemeal toast, a piece of fruit and a glass of water, and you have the best hangover breakfast cure. When lunch time comes along, you want to have some carbohydrates and protein. This will give your body energy to keep flushing out the 'poison' and the protein will help fill you up.

People say the best cure is to not drink in the first place, but i know that people will not do that. I know that everyone loves to go out and enjoy themselves, and most people do drink. If your trying to lose weight, then obviously minimise your alcohol intake. But if your not actively trying to lose weight, then the above steps will help you feel a lot better.

Hope this helps!

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