Cut calories & fat!

This is one tip that i tell my clients and advise many others to do.

If you walk into your kitchen and can see chocolate, crisps, biscuits etc, then those are the foods you will snack on. Those foods are high in bad calories and fat. So, if your someone who is wanting to lose weight, put away the bad foods!

If you make sure that healthy foods are on show, then you would snack on them. If you have fruit bowls around the house, then you are far more likely pick up an apple or a mango to eat as a snack, instead of biscuits. If you want to keep the 'bad foods' in the house, then put them away, far away! Make sure they are in a cupboard or in a draw, i even know someone that keeps them in a safe and only their partner knows the pin code! That is a little extreme, but at least the healthy foods get eaten and not the fatty ones!

So, by simply hiding the bad foods and putting healthy ones on show, this will cut a lot of unwanted calories and fat. This in turn will shed those pounds! Before you know it, you won't find yourself wanting to raid the biscuit tin, as you will be more than happy raiding the fruit bowl!

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